At the forefront of everything Greengate does is innovation.

Our ambition to grow is fueled by innovation and delivering on our promise to develop and launch products that are first class in quality. Product development is central to our plans to keep launching products that are quality and delight our customers as well as provide our shareholders with committed growth and expansion plans.

Innovation In The News

Big Bear launches regions first Mojito Soft Drink

In the middle east region, lemon and mint is by far one of the most popular and loved beverages. Along with their sweet tooth, sparkling soft drinks far out sell any other beverage on the market.

But the soft drink category has over the years stuck to what works best and lacked the innovation we saw back in the 1940’s when new soda flavors were being launched every week.

GreenGate’s beverage division Big Bear decided to partner with the top flavor houses in the world to develop a new range of soft drinks that would excite consumers again.

After months of testing various flavors, including some very unthinkable flavors such as hot & spicy, Big Bear finally settled on a few flavors that consumers were nuts about. Today we bring you the first of many exciting flavors that will be launched soon. #watchthisspace.

Mojito is a refreshing Big Bear Soft Drink that combines the perfect balance of lemon and mint with a lightly sparkling soda. Perfect on its own, Big Bear Mojito can also be used as a mixer for mocktails and more.

Babytak diapers first to create new 3 way stretch

Moms know that how the diaper fits her baby can be the most important factor in a diaper that keeps her baby comfortable and dry. Diapers that don’t fit properly cause leaks, lumps and liquid can often miss the super absorbent layers. We all know that diaper rash is caused by skin irritations due to materials and wetness and this leads to unhappy babies and very unhappy moms.

After many years of trials on babies of all sorts of ages, sizes and weights around the world, GreenGate’s baby care division RAD Medical developed Babytak 3 way fit. Not only does Babytak diapers have a stretchy back and an elastic double cuff around the legs, they also have a stretchy elastic front. Moms around the world can now ensure that ever part of the diaper fits her baby perfectly.

Babytak diapers are also manufactured in Germany, using premium European quality standards. RAD medical actually started as a manufacturing facility producing hygiene products for Babies and adults who were in hospital suffering from various ailments. Amongst these was ezema and super sensitive skin. The same technology is what we use to manufacture Babytak diapers available to everyone.

Babytak, Super Comfort, Super Baby..

Wipetus, regions first inhalation tissue

Influenza and allergies are the most common and irritating health issues for many people around the world. Whether its during winter or spring these infections can cause nasal congestion, itchy noses and watery eyes.

The most commonly used nose decongestant is nasal sprays. These pocket size devises although effective have many side effects and can cause long term damage if they are not used correctly.

Rhinitis Medicamentosa is a condition where the nasal spay actually causes more congestion. This is a drug induced condition caused by over use of nasal sprays and occurs in upto 50% of patients who have respiratory infections.

GreenGate Groups Research and science division was alerted to this fact through a series of consumer workshops and research papers conducted by its pharmaceutical division. After understanding the consumer behavior patterns, health issues and needs, we sought out a solution and developed Wipetus.

Wipetus is the world’s first inhalation tissue, combining the powerful effects of decongestants with the softness of tissues. Because Wipetus is not sprayed into the nose affecting the surrounding tissue, it works from the outside as you inhale while using the tissues. A eureka discovery combining the power of decongestants without the side effects of over use.

Wipetus comes in an easy open, re-sealable plastic tub that is small enough to carry in your pocket. One Wipetus tissue lasts and lasts and can be re-used several times. A new innovation developed for our customers by our customers, and a little bit of science too.

Our innovation process comprises of three main steps – research, product development and launching.



We believe research is a constant and evolving part of our organization. Traditional research methods have been replaced by new methodologies to source consumer insights, innovation and trends constantly through our people in the markets. Everyday somewhere in the world a Greengate people are researching something. These critical pieces of information are constantly being streamed through to our product development team in Dubai.


Product Development

The main product development team based at our head office is linked to sales & marketing offices, factories, suppliers and R&D centers around the world. The team utilizes the local talents in each region to deliver products that are designed for the region and not adopted from abroad. In this way they turn valuable consumer insights into products that consumers want and need. Rigorous testing of products through many development phases ensures launching products into markets is launched from a platform of knowledge and ensures success.


Launch of products

At this stage of the process all the teams work very closely together to ensure seamless delivery of new products to our consumers.